Anna X.

The Competency Quotient Game

The CQ™️ Game is a mobile serious game that was developed by Team Riveter at the CDM for Professor Susan Glover Takahashi of the University of Toronto. 

Based on Professor Glover Takahashi's research into the Epidemiology of Competence, this game was developed to serve as an aid for healthcare professionals such as physicians and registered massage therapists to maintain their competency through daily practice.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Art Lead
  • Client Liason
  • Task Management

From the style sheet above, an overall art style for both the in-game characters and UI were developed according to the ask of the client and expanded into the final UI and character assets seen below.

Due to the client's ask for future scalability of the product, for the characters, I developed a modular system comprising of multiple colour, type, and shape options for every feature. With this system, instead of creating each separate characters manually, once certain amounts of feature options are created, there can be exponentially more different characters generated such as the portraits below.

Using Format