Anna X.

Into the Wind is a 2D platformer game created collaboratively by Anna Xuan, Kevin Du, Wayland Bang, Yi Li, and Negeen Farimani. The game features, Gale, the sylph protagonist, maneuvering its way through a magical landscape. Unlike others of its kind, Gale cannot fly and must spend the game chasing after its friends and family using only gusts of wind and a dandelion seed. 

Art Assets

As the Art Lead for this game, I focused on creating a comprehensive and convincing fantastical world through the designs of the characters, environments, and other gameplay assets.

Player Character


In the Wind is structured around chapters that represent different emotions and stages in Gale's journey. As such, each chapter's background must reflect that particular emotion and be distinct from the others. The first stage on the left is aspiration and hopeful, with bright pink colours, while the second stage on the right is downtrodden and despairing with dark cold colours.

The backgrounds are created with multiple layers for depth and to facilitate parallax scrolling as the player moves through the environment.

Using Format